A brief knowledge about the terrariums and their formation

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Terrarium was founded in the year 1829, by Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward. He was a very famous botanist of that time. The terrarium was formed when the moth was sealed in the damp soil with a glass jar. And it was noticed that a small fern was grown after a few days. During that time, it was noticed a vapour inside the glass jar, and in the evening the water droplets disappeared back to the soil. There was moisture inside just like the open environment.

Terrarium Workshop Singapore

After this, the idea of the Wardian container was spread in the whole USA. And then the Terrarium Workshop Singapore culture came into the trend. And then people all over the world started to keep terrariums at their home.

Efforts to maintain a terrarium

Usually, before maintaining and growing the terrarium people think it may be very hard to maintain the terrarium and it requires a lot of time and energy. But this is not right completely, the terrarium does need efforts but not much. Terrarium is low maintenance work and it can be done even in your leisure time also.

Terrarium helps you to make your house or the place beautiful within a short duration of time. All you have to do for it is only to maintain it, and see if it is growing properly or not. The other thing which is important is to see if the plants are of good choice or not. To make it more attractive keep it in a beautiful glass.

Explore online for the terrarium plants

There are a huge variety of plants that you can add to your terrariums. You can get many plants from the nursery or also from the online sites like Amazon and Etsy. Also, make sure that you know all the conditions in which the plants can survive.

While choosing the terrarium plants, go for the plants that can survive in the same environment and are almost similar in colour, shape, size or texture.

Using a Charcoal in the terrarium

The charcoal is kept above the layer of pebbles, to enable them to absorb all the impurities in the environment of your terrarium.

In the terrarium, there is no given hole for the outlet of moisture and impurities from the roots. Hence, charcoal is used to remove all the impurities from the glass container and keep the environment inside clean.

Placing the terrarium in the sunlight

Take care of your terrarium and keep it in the proper sunlight and the plant should be facing towards the window. If the leaves of your terrarium plants get brown then it means the terrarium is not getting proper sunlight. Also, remove the leaves that are dead in the terrarium because it may spoil the other plants.


In this article, you will get to read about the how and when was the terrarium formed. And the usage of the charcoal in the terrarium. You can search online various varieties of terrarium plants and include them in your terrarium garden at home. I hope you have liked reading the above article.