An essential process for floor polishing


Polishing the floor depends on many ways. Remodeling the old floor or setting up the floor is easy but the maintenance is not possible to all. Concrete is the best for the floors in all kinds of areas. This will take low cost, easy to maintain and the texture is very strong. This has an earthy kind of texture that is completely similar to granite and terrazzo. Terrazo is one of the old and traditional ways to polish the floor that combine with lots of mixes to get the good look of the floor. concretefloorpolisher  makes the floor flat and neat. The concrete floor polishing takes more time to cut the floors and diamond wear by using the concrete grinder to become flat. At the end of the grinding, it leaves the fine sand as dust.


The concreter should be well known about polishing the floors if so the way to polish the floor will be very easy and this completes the work quickly. There are few things want to combine with the concrete while polishing they are,

  • Glasses
  • Pebbles
  • Metals

Which will give the catchy look to the floor and it improvises the quality.

Things to know about concrete polishing:

Many of us do not have any idea about polishing the floor. Probably many of them think that the concrete polishing takes a minimum of seven or eight to a maximum of fifteen steps. But that consume more money and time.

Generally, the diamond grit should get double the size then it goes under many sizes like 16, 32, 60, 120. Then again they start with the metals with 50 diamond grit. And then the process takes up to 3000 grit by the step by step process of 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and at last 3000.

Polishing the concrete floors having the very hard surface because of the chemical reactions which undergo due to chemicals that coated by the surface takes a maximum of one inch of thickness. So, without polishing the floor the surface becomes thick and quality finish. To fill the holes use the adhesive method of an acrylic tile. The acrylic tile should be mixed with the cement or the dusting powder. By this mixture, the fine holes in the floor are closed by scraping or by using a towel. The best way to use this mixture is to spray it on the area that is not completely closed.

Concrete is low in cost and high in longevity. The grinding machines are of about two types they are: 

  • Flattening
  • Polishing

Machines that use to flatten the surface may leave to the fine holes and the other will finish up the process with the quality chemical mixtures. This results in the floor to be flattened and gloss on the surface. The problem with the concrete polishing is if the concreter polish the floor poorly by mixing the glass, metal, and pebbles that take extra charge by cost and time to polish it properly. This should take another 3 to 4 millimeters polish. Other than this the floor can be polished using concrete. As we saw before that stays long and costs low.