CCTV and the Best Aspects of Security


Your security officer must be able to respond quickly as soon as a problem situation occurs. When reporting an open door or a burglar alarm, for example, the corresponding camera images must be immediately available. In ชุดกล้องวงจรปิด you can find the best choices now.

It is important to find the images very quickly, without having to search endlessly in hours of images. The event logging system automatically marks video images with a tag. This tag indicates which alarm has occurred. That way you can view the images of a burglar alarm that earlier, e.g. 10 minutes ago, occurred, view immediately.



For efficient monitoring, it is essential to be able to distinguish between real and false alarms. VCA or Video Content Analysis or intelligent video analysis makes it possible to detect people or objects on or around your company premises.

As a supplier of an integrated security system, GET VCA integrates into the existing security solution. Thanks to event-driven camera surveillance, the detection of a predefined alarm condition generate a notification or an associated camera image on the screen. This way you get much more out of your investment in cameras and the level of your security increases.

Some applications of Video Content Analysis are:

Tailgating filter indicates when multiple objects exceed an imaginary line or perimeter within a predetermined period of time.

Dwell filter: detects when people or vehicles stay within the perimeter for longer than a preset time period.

Object presence: objects or persons who enter a predefined zone generate an alarm.

Integration video management system

The PSM security management control platform is fully integrated with various VMS systems including Milestone. GET supplies, installs and maintains Milestone, also as a stand-alone solution for CCTV.

The benefits of camera surveillance include:

  • Easy view of remote locations
  • View on multiple locations simultaneously
  • Possibilities to monitor machine performance in addition to images
  • GPS systems can be integrated for insight into where machines are active
  • Monitoring of machines that are active in an open field or temporary location
  • Integration options to make remote contact with the machine or production installation via remote control.

Perimeter protection

The detection and registration of intruders are effective 24 hours a day because the thermal cameras do not use light but only heat radiation. GET distributes the thermal cameras from FLIR, the absolute market leader in thermal imaging. FLIR cameras combine the highest image quality with simple operation and an unparalleled quality guarantee.

The intelligent VCA or Video Content Analysis software analyzes the camera images in real-time according to numerous adjustable filters that are also easily adjustable. For example, you can easily accommodate physical changes to the perimeter of your company site without major infrastructure work.

Camera surveillance is very useful to keep control of your production process or to be able to watch remotely with your customers or colleagues. Companies with a large production space or large working area can easily monitor the progress and situation of the production.

Consider large transshipment companies, production facilities or large industrial buildings. Operators and managers cannot be present everywhere at the same time or can see remote situations at a glance. Companies that are geographically active at multiple locations or locations can easily monitor or view situations with CCTV. Even mobile machines in different countries and locations can be easily monitored.

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit TV installation. It is the name of a system with CCTV surveillance. The observation of a production process can be realized by various designs.