End of lease cleaning Services – What you should know?

End of lease cleaning Melbourne

There are many things to consider when vacating a property. The main thing among them is cleaning the property beforehand over it to the landlord. This is to make sure that you will receive your bond back without any hassles. Along with many tasks in the list cleaning can become very challenging since it is the end of leasing cleaning and extensive cleaning. This is the reason it is better to hand over it to some company who are professional in end of lease cleaning. There are many such services available in Melbourne, and one among them is End of lease cleaning Melbourne . So, always find a professional and advanced cleaning service which can serve you better and ensure hassle free relocation.

End of lease cleaning Melbourne

Some of the things to consider beforehand over the property to the cleaning services.


It is very important to ensure that the electricity is available beforehand over the property to the cleaning services. This will help them to clean the property very well, and they can use their cleaning equipment like vacuum and steam cleaners.


It is very important to check that you have an invoice. This will help in cross-checking the property and making sure that cleaning has been done as per the agreement. The cleaning team should write down everything they have done for example if they have done vacuum or steam cleaning they should mention it in the checklist. All the cleaning agencies which are professional will ask for an invoice. It is very important that you collect it. So, always choose the one who can give a proper invoice, and which is professional in end of lease cleaning service.

Cleaning Windows:

It is necessary that the windows are also included in the house cleaning. It is not that only the interior of the house is cleaned. End of lease cleaning should include each and everything in the house. Sometimes they may not have included it in the checklist given. So, always make sure each and everything is included before you sign the checklist and agree for the cleaning service. In case if it is an apartment, then windows must only be cleaned from the inside. So, these types of changes should be made to the standard checklist.

Bond back cleaning guarantee

There are many fake companies in cleaning services as well. They assure people with something called bond back cleaning guarantee. But when you actually work with them, there will not be anything like that. Once their service is done, and if in case if you find some issues, you will not be able to find them again. This is because they will not give a proper invoice needed. Either it is an invoice or any other written proof, without one of them you will not be able to trace them and get the service again. This is the reason before even agreeing for any end of leasing service makes sure that you have asked for everything needed.

Empty house:

This is very important. Before even cleaning services arrive, one must make sure that they have already made the house vacant. If the shifting is not done completely, even the cleaning will be incomplete. So, make sure that before you give them date house is completely vacant.