Essential Options for the Right Physical Therapy

chiropractic medicine

Chiropractors have been officially recognized by the Ministry of Health and for decades in the vast majority of developed countries and by the WHO (World Health Organization). Chiropractors do not have a professional order in our country but you can consult the referencing of the Association of Chiropractic to check the competence of a practitioner. Get the chiropractic medicine there.

Some people believe that the cracking heard during treatment constitutes a danger or signals the onset of unbearable pain. Rest assured, the noise heard is only the result of a phenomenon of cavitation, painless and natural around the treatment. However, it is not necessary and sought after by the chiropractor who will be able to adapt if it were to frighten you.

chiropractic medicine

The course of a session

Chiropractic is a primary health care professionals like the dentist. You can, therefore, consult a chiropractor directly without a prescription or medical advice. During your first visit to the chiropractor, he takes note of your state of health, your history and seeks to know many of your lifestyle habits. He then proceeds to a general physical examination and more precisely of the spine and in possible painful places. He can carry out neuro-orthopedic tests adapted to your symptoms and possibly recommend additional analyzes radiographic, blood, etc. He then establishes an intervention plan but will also be guided by your body’s reactions over the course of treatment.

But then how long can I be healed?

The chiropractor cannot honestly say in advance how many sessions and how long it will take you to regain your health. Indeed, it does not depend on the chiropractor itself but on the way in which your body will react to the treatment via your vital force, the only one that will heal you.

It is important to note that certain elements can condition the speed with which this one will take over: your age, your natural vitality, the progress of functional and organic disorders, the age of the symptoms, your lifestyle and your will and cooperation in care.

Become a chiropractor

Chiropractic is probably the only profession whose training is an official international standard. It is rigorously applied by an international chiropractic chair or Council on Chiropractic Education which accredits schools after inspection. The profession’s total autonomy and independence from other health professions are thus ensured.

The training includes 5500 hours spread over 5 years combining practical and theoretical courses, then 15 months of internship in the school clinic where future practitioners are supervised by the expertise of experienced professionals. A significant part of the training is devoted to basic sciences, anatomy theoretical learning and 150-hour human dissection course, medical imaging and clinical and diagnostic sciences. To prepare him well for his future job, numerous internships are carried out in hospitals, in the school clinic, or in private practices.

The chiropractor is thus trained to recognize situations where the patient needs to be referred to another health professional. He is trained to work in good collaboration with a multidisciplinary team. At the end of the training, the student receives a “chiropractor” diploma according to regulations. He can also receive a certificate of equivalence of the title of Doctor of Chiropractic, awarded by the Academy of Chiropractic.