Factors should be considered when selecting a virtual escape room

virtual escape room game

If this seems like too much time, hire a vendor to host a virtual escape room game for your small squad. The online escape rooms, like traditional escape rooms, are themed, allowing remote players to immerse themselves in the environment and feel as if they are there.

What exactly are virtual escape rooms, and how do they help you create a team?

Suppose you’ve never done a virtual escape room or even a real-life escape room. In that case, a virtual escape room is a room you must escape with a group of people – your colleagues, friends, or family – in an online web-based program or app that you can access through your computer, tablet, or phone, and is usually conducted through a conferencing platform such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex, or another and is usually conducted through a conferencing platform such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams.

Any escape room aims to get out as quickly as possible, whether you’re competing against other players, yourself, or a time limit. Teams must solve difficult puzzles, riddles, and problems to exit the room, necessitating coordination, cooperation, communication, and leadership abilities.

Virtual escape rooms are a great way to bring team members closer together, particularly during the lockout, social distancing, and remote work. They provide a fun team bonding activity that can be achieved while apart.

What kinds of virtual escape rooms are there?

virtual escape room game

Numerous escape rooms with a wide range of gameplay and themes can be found online.

Many so-called virtual escape rooms are only text-based, consisting of a series of questions or riddles at most. They are often disappointing, especially for those who have previously participated in real-life escape rooms.

The more complex escape rooms will require you to navigate through various web pages and ‘rooms,’ each with a unique puzzle to solve to escape the final room. These rooms could be the most appealing to others. Egyptian – Escape the Pyramid is a good example of this type of space.

Digital escape rooms that allow you to look into a virtual 360-degree space and see the whole room with all of the objects and evidence you need to escape are the best and most advanced. Sherlock Holmes is an example of a space like this.

What factors should be considered when selecting a virtual escape room?

The style of gameplay mentioned above is the most important consideration when selecting a virtual escape room. Virtual 360 gaming will be available in the most advanced spaces, giving you the sensation of being in the environment. Others may prefer a space where they can navigate from one website to the next.

Whatever your choice, make sure you understand what you’re buying by reading feedback or requesting a demonstration; the best virtual escape room companies will gladly provide you with one if you ask.

At the end

The best virtual escape room experience is when remote teams and virtual staff bond, interact and develop teamwork while honing relationships and skills, particularly during the lockdown and social isolation.