Introducing Gyakie, A Highlife Legend’s Daughter


Jackeline Acheampong conceived 16 December 1998 referred to expertly as Gyakie is a Ghanaian Afrobeat/afro-combination vocalist. In 2019, Gyakie delivered her first single named; “Love is Pretty” which cleared the way for another single, “Never Like This.” In August 2020, the “For eternity” tune from her five-track EP, named “Seed” was her distinguishing strength getting a charge out of airplay and driving diagrams in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. Gyakie’s dad is Nana Acheampong

Early life and profession :


Gyakie was brought up in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. She was naturally introduced to a group of artists and by age eight, she had begun joining her dad in the studio. She was likewise impacted by Asa and Ghanaian performer Omar Sterling of R2Bees. Gyakie delivered her first single;

“Love is Pretty” in February 2019 and went before to deliver, “Never Like This.

The “For eternity” track on the Seed EP appreciated airplay in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. It beat music diagrams, for example, Billboard’s Top Thriller Global and Shazams Top 200 graphs. Gyakie delivered a remix of “Until the end of time” with Nigerian artist Omah Lay in March 2021.

Prologue to gyakie :

  • Jackeline Acheampong is a Ghanaian artist, musician, and entertainer who passes by the name of Gyakie. Gyakie is a sprouting artist who turns out to be the little girl of Ghanaian highlife legend Ernest ‘Owoahene’ Nana Acheampong, prevalently known as Nana Acheampong, one-portion of the renowned Lumba Brothers.
  • Her familial association with a Ghanaian incredible affected her adoration for music since early on, and on her turning into the juvenile performer she is today, yet there’s something else entirely to the story.
  • As per the afro-combination artist, the Seed EP is an excursion that investigates different kinds as an impression of her melodic journey of finding and remaining consistent with herself, while passing on waiting considerations of what’s in store from her in resulting projects.
  • Seed is short however sweet and does precisely that. The EP is brimming with various sounds that give you simply a sample of what she is able to do and what’s in store on her excursion, which has just barely started.

What caused you to choose to turn into an account craftsman :

  • I didn’t settle on a real choice to begin doing music. It’s something that simply occurred. Despite the fact that growing up music was surrounding me, I mean my father is a performer who impacted highlife enormously. Because of that, music was in a real sense everything I could hear and my adoration for it was particularly voracious.
  • I needed to be a professional lady in an office working universally, thus me seeking after International Business yet at a point, music continued calling for sure. I can’t determine what precisely it was nevertheless something continued pushing me to simply go to the studio to record something that continued playing in my mind.
  • I met this Nigerian maker called Sosa on the KNUST grounds. He played several beats and with how intrigued I was in music and amusement, I went gaga for this specific beat quickly. I spilt out what continued ringing in my mind into the amplifier and that is the place where the whole excursion started.