Learn the Best About the immigration Lawyers

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There are law firms that, under the guise of free help, require money and, having failed to fulfill obligations to clients, disappear with money in order to appear under new names. For more than 1-2 years they do not exist. To protect yourself from such, you need to make sure that their age is from 3-4 years.  You need to choose the best immigration lawyer london for the task of immigration issues.

Well-known companies always post the results of affairs. This is considered a good form. This is not at the very beginning of the opening of the organization.

An important condition is the psychological factor

How comfortable it is to communicate with him. To begin with, you need to find out at the meeting how much the lawyer understands your case, is attractive and sincerely interested in helping. It is necessary to pay attention to the manner of communication, speech literacy and clarity of presentation.

Pay only officially, have a check. They set fees themselves, in different institutions, there is a price list. If you are going to replace a lawyer, you must first find another. Strictly in official form, an appeal is written to replace a lawyer, sent to the investigation or court. If the case has already been paid, but there was no work, then you need to demand a refund from the lawyer or his collegium, where he works.

immigration lawyer london

A complaint A complaint against dishonest lawyers is sent to a special commission of the bar association of your city for consideration. In respect of him, disciplinary measures are taken up to the most serious – withdrawal of status. Before you visit a lawyer, you need to try to take an interest in this issue yourself by reading the information on the Internet or using specials.


It is also a way to understand his professionalism, to study in more detail the lawyer ethics. High prices of services – this does not mean high qualifications and does not guarantee a good outcome. It is better not to use defenders proposed by the investigating authorities or judges because they can actually offer someone who is convenient to them. In this case, the lawyer does not want to go against his protégé. The basic principle of the bar is changing – the independence of the lawyer.

Recommended by the investigation

Sometimes the defender advised by the investigator is a close friend of him, and together they want to charge you for some concessions for you in the case. Often these concessions are not significant, or you would have had them without the help of a lawyer, this is a hoax. At this time, there are types of cases that, with substantial payment, through a lawyer, are completed. But he cannot already be called a decent lawyer.

He is an intermediary, a fraudster. Lawyer Ethics Briefly about the ethics of a lawyer in dealing with a client. The main condition in communication is the principle of complete trust. The client must immediately understand that there is a person with him who is able to help, and he must be extremely truthful with him.