Look for the best Choices in Clay Making

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For insulation: Expanded clay balls. They are produced by cooking. They are used in bulk or to constitute lightweight concrete. It is not the most efficient insulation, but these beads are insensitive to water use in damp cellars, roof terraces, etc. The use of the clay making singapore is important in this case.

Lightweight and very light clay bricks

They improve the insulation and thermal inertia of a building. They are used by stacking to fill interior walls. Be careful, they are not load-bearing.

The clay panels

They improve the interior insulation of houses. They are screwed onto a lath fixed to the walls or ceilings and then covered with a finishing plast.

clay making singapore

“Earth-straw” or “wood-earth chips” mixtures

Earth alone is not enough to insulate a house. However, it can be used with an insulating plant fibre to form a more or less insulating mixture depending on the proportions and use. In the end, mixtures containing more fibres than the soil can contribute to insulation. This mixture can be used in formwork or in the block.

For painting

There are clay-based paints. The clay acts as a binder. They are applied on a variety of substrates but sometimes require a bond coat, also based on clay. The colours available are varied. These paints are easy to apply and have no harmful effects on health. They can be found in green material stores.

Clay to Degrease and Deodorize the Kitchen

The clay will not stop surprising you. In addition to being beneficial for the body, it is also very practical for cleaning. This powder is 100% natural, it, therefore, presents no risk to health or the environment. It is disinfectant, absorbent and can be applied to almost any surface because it is low acid. Green clay is mainly used to polish metal surfaces. It is also a very good insect repellant. White clay, on the other hand, is more used to whiten or polish windows and mirrors.

In the kitchen, clay, a mild abrasive, is particularly used to remove grease thanks to its absorption capacity. It is therefore used to clean oil residues on the cooking plates of burnt fat in pans or saucepans. If you make a greasy stain on a table or a wooden worktop, mix turpentine with clay then polish the surface with this mixture, leave for 6 hours then polish with a microfiber cloth. Clay is also very useful in combating bad odours and humidity. All you need to do is place a clay bowl in the room for it to capture cooking smells.

Clay to Descale and Disinfect the Bathroom

Clay will also be very useful in your bathroom for descaling and disinfecting. It removes yellow stains, lime residue and tartar. Clay also works great for polishing faucets.  Its use is very simple. Put a little clay on a damp sponge then apply to the surfaces to be cleaned. Wait for 20 to 30 minutes then rinse and let dry. To clean your toilet, you can coat the bowl with clay and leave it to act overnight.

Generally speaking, you can make your own scouring cream that you can use for any surface you want to clean. The recipe is very simple since there are only 3 ingredients: 4 tbsp. of baking soda, 4 tbsp. of black soap and 2 tbsp. of green or white clay.