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For comparison, currency pairs with EUR are activated after the opening of the London stock exchange.

Shortage of special tools

Trading binary options on Bitcoin

A study of the nuances

Alternatively, you can select an existing tool and configure it for BTC, but here you need to have experience and knowledge of the financial market. How to trade Bitcoins on binary options ways Traders without experience are not recommended to start trading for real money without gaining basic knowledge and training. The use of the CryptoMixer comes essential here.


It is better to use a demo account, if available, to deal with the intricacies of the selected site, select and test the strategy. Regarding the choice of the option to trade BTC on binary options, there are two options for bitcoin participants in the year: To generate income, the trader analyzes the market and predicts further price movements based on available information, past and future events, as well as formed figures on the BTC price chart. All transactions with Bitcoins binary options occur using the trading platform, which allows you to control the price movement, determine the current trend in time, study the history of the rate if necessary and complete transactions.

The advantage of trading platforms is the availability of technical indicators with which you can develop and use your own strategies. Before trading Bitcoins on binary options, it is important to consider a number of points: You need to start work by choosing the right broker.

Bitcoin Binary Options

Many companies deceive customers and disappear 2-3 months after opening. As a result, traders lose money, and the opinion is growing in a society that binary options are a scam.

If you approach the search for an intermediary correctly, you can avoid problems and be sure about the timeliness of the withdrawal of earned money to your wallet. The optimal expiration time for trading with binary options is from 1 hour to a week, but you can use a shorter period – from the option to the dividend minutes for some strategies. A trading window with quotes is recommended to open a binary screen on a computer screen on bitcoins.

This approach makes the analysis of price movements and execution of transactions more convenient. Short-term betting on Bitcoin carries high risks because it is difficult to predict the price movement for a short time.

This primarily relates to the second turbo option. Trading Bitcoins is better only on weekdays. It was noted above that BTC trading is available 7 days a week, but on Saturday and Sunday, there are only speculators in the market, which increases the risk of losing funds.

Choosing a broker to trade binary options on Bitcoin

As noted, work with binary options should be started by searching for a reliable brokerage company. Criteria When analyzing the available options, we pay attention to the following parameters: High speed of opening trading positions. Minimum bet level than Bitcoin binary options.

Binary options trading platform for android

Availability of historical price history

It is important that there is the possibility of moving quotes in one and the other direction, changing the scale and so on. Such options are useful to traders when analyzing the instrument. The presence of an informative window is essential there.