Smartest Options for the Tokyo Traveling Options

Tokyo reistips

The principles of “Tabehodai” (food at will) and “Nomihodai” (drink at will) are very simple. For an hour or two, you can eat and or drink alcohol at will. For 3,000 yen (you can find cheaper) it is a very good plan. The use of the Tokyo reistips come perfect there.

Generally, one can easily find restaurants that offer both formulas at the same time for the same meal. These offers are offered in many Yakiniku (yaki = grilled or niku = meat), these are restaurants where you grind your own meat on a plate directly to his table.

You will also find tabehodai formulas in sushi restaurants and for testing it was excellent. The quality of the fish is much higher than that found in kaiten-sushi (a quality that is already good).

Enjoy Free Activities Everywhere

Go to the sanctuaries and temples for free to admire the history of Japan or participate in the countless matsuri (neighborhood festivals) that are held regularly in Japan and are always free. In summer, never miss the fireworks in Japan: they are grandiose. The free activities in Japan are from everywhere and allow you to do a maximum without any expense.


If you are a foodie or if you also want to experience Japanese excellence in terms of gastronomy, go imperatively in a restaurant Teppanyaki (teppan = plate or yaki = grilled). The food of choice (vegetables, meat) is cooked by the minute under your eyes on a plate. Generally, several formulas are proposed according to the quality of the meat and the quantity of cooked food.

You will find a wide selection of Teppanyaki all over Japan. If you are in Kyoto, you should definitely reserve a place at Premium Pound Sanjo-Kiyamachi: the food is fantastic and the atmosphere is still very cozy.

In this Teppanyaki, the 10,000 yen menu is enough for me to test everything fish, meat, vegetables, and dessert. The price may seem high but you have to think of a Teppanyaki as a unique experience in Japan and for this price in this restaurant, trust me, the price or quality ratio is really good.


Tokyo reistips

A ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn. It is an upscale accommodation. The Japanese go to a ryokan to recharge their batteries. You can spend a night in a Japanese style room (tatami) and sleep in a futon on the floor, relax in hot baths, taste a kaiseki dinner a multitude of small refined dishes) and typical Japanese breakfast. It’s a unique experience that only lives in Japan. If you are looking for peace, luxury, a magical setting with all that Japan has to offer, it is recommended staying in the Grand Hotel Arimoto on the sacred island of Miyajima facing the tori floating.

If the prices seem high, you will enjoy a kaiseki dinner (charged 10,000 yen per person in the cities) and you will stay in exceptional places in Miyajima, for example, all tourists who do not live on the island for the night must leave by ferry at night, so you will have the island for you.

Visit the Tsukiji Fish Market

The Tokyo fish market opens at 4 am, where locals buy and sell on the largest tuna market in the world. Eat fresh sushi for breakfast and soak up the atmosphere. The place is unique in the world.