Termites in Newcastle

When you have pests like termites creating havoc at home, you will have to find a quick solution before it is too late. The kinds that really get into your house are swarmers or the flying termites as they are known. Spring is the time they find apt to settle at your house as this is their mating season and its perfectly good place to raise new colonies. They literally eat away from your home. They are good at chewing wooden flooring, wallpaper and finally cause a huge crisis to the structural stability of the house. All your furniture right down to wardrobes and fixtures, if made of wood won’t be spared either. Actually, it’s a field day if they find a wooden house structure, it wouldn’t exist in no time! Seek help with Termites in Newcastle .

Termites in Newcastle

Ways that are useful for ‘termination.’

To prevent this happening your home and you would do all it would take to find a solution

  • When you cut down on moisture in and around your house especially if your structure is wooden as the termites find their way through it. To reduce moisture, you will have to fix faucets, water pipes, and exterior ac units. The roofing has to check rooted shingles and the other places where moss and algae are
  • Check out cracks in floors in the basement, window sides, etc.
  • If you divert the where water flows from gutters, other downspouts of rainwater, etc.
  • A frequent look out for and mud tubes made by the termites bordering your outside structure. You should check out bubbling paint on the walls; the wood sounds hollow when you tap it.
  • There has to be a significant gap that has to be maintained between the soil and wood portions of the house.
  • Professional pest control has to call on a regular basis who will inspect for termites and other bugs.
  • The storage of firewood has to be far away.

After all the preventive acts, if you happen to have a termite infestation in your house, then you will have to act fast, to control the damage. You better professional pest control and get to check out which areas of the house have been infected and control the damage. They usually employ three methods to get rid of termites.

  • Soil treatment
  • Wood treatment
  • Bait treatment

The use of the above tried and tested methods ensure that you will avoid having any termite problems. The termite clan lives in the soil; hence the soil is treated by digging a trench is dug around the foundation and termiticide is poured and refilled. This will be a preventive measure for termites not attack your home and kill them. There are several wood treatments that are used to fix up the wood that has been infested in and outside of your home. There are bait systems which have been quite effective in destroying the termite homes and killing them instantly. Bait stations are employed in places surrounding your home, and regular monitoring of these stations which are set on a particular frequency will help eliminate any termite infestations.