The Essential Deals for the Quora Partner

quora partner program

Create a theme for your brand. After you create a topic, you can find it in the search suggestions. Click on it to read the description. Unlike a profile, you cannot add a description of your brand yourself. But you can add an official photo, change the name, manage pseudonyms and combine it with existing topics. To manage the nicknames of your theme, click the three-point settings button, select Manage and click Add Nickname. Aliases help users find your topic using common spelling mistakes, abbreviations and alternative spellings that they use. You can make use of the quora partner program here.

Perform a content study.

Once your profile and brand theme are defined, it’s time to get started. Quora is a great source of ideas for content. Despite the huge number of users, some questions remain unanswered. That’s why finding the right questions is one of the basic skills that you must improve if you want to learn how to use Quora effectively. You can find these indicators by going to one of the thematic pages in your feed, on the “Response” tab: As a rule, try to find questions with a ratio of answers and users of 1: 5. This means that the post must contain at least five subscribers and one answer or zero, which maximizes your chances of getting a large number of votes.

Use the questions for a full article.

The next step is to plan and create first-class content that will answer the question in detail. Ideally, you should already have a couple of blog posts that fit the topic. If not, use this as an opportunity to write exactly what the Quora user is looking for. You can write something about marketing strategies for startups with examples. You can create a list of successful startups. The thing is to provide value not only with the help of knowledge alone but also with effective steps that can position your brand as a source of practical information that is very much appreciated.

Write like a professional.

You just need to focus on the quality of your response, which will help you get more votes, influence and traffic. Here are the right ways to guarantee results: Use visual content. Responses to Quora with visual content are more likely to attract the attention of the audience. These can be screenshots, infographics, YouTube videos, and pictures, and so on the comprehensive and original answers. Remember that marketing on Quora has become competitive due to the growing popularity of the platform. If you want to answer a question, make sure that the user has no more doubts, questions and there is no need to look for other answers or tips. Use the correct layout. To improve the readability of your answer, break the sections into subheadings. Create a bulleted or numbered list for listings.

quora partner program

Expert opinion using natural language

You never need to write answers as a full-fledged article consisting of several thousand words. Try to use a simple, lively language, disclose all terms and concepts and communicate with users on an emotional level. The text should be understood by a layperson in this field. Be careful with the links. Despite the fact that you have the opportunity to insert a link to the landing page, do this only if it makes sense.