The fast way to knit the hair of a doll!


You have to jolly knit dolls. Knitting dolls are kind of easy because knitting dolls is the same as knitting a scarf. You have to use thick needles if you are a beginner to knit a scarf or a doll. You should also change needles if you want to knit closely. Thick needles will enable you to knit loosely whereas the needles that are thin will yield a tighter and closer look. Mostly if you are to start withjollyknitting then it is good that you use the thin needle to knot the door tighter. This will give a really great look.

It is kind of easy to knit a doll but a little bit complicated when it comes to knitting the hair. You have to choose the right colour that you need to knit and also the shape of the hair you choose to knit. You have to decide if you want it wavy, straight or curly and also king the hair into the head of the doll carefully without causing any damage to the doll.

You need to sew one yarn at a time to the centre of the head of the yarn. Sometimes it seems to thin. Dolls will seem bald if the hair would flop over. It is also a time-consuming process. It is tedious and tiring because you have to sew one yarn at a time.

So there is an easy way in which you can sew the hair into the doll. So once you finish knitting your doll, you will need matching thread and yarm=n, needles and pins, hand sweeping needle that you will use to knit. remember what I mentioned earlier, thick needles means looser stitches, thin needles means tighter stitches.  You will also need an erasable fabric marker. The most important prop you need will be the sewing machine of course with the zigzag stitch.


The first step will require you to decide the length of the hair of the doll. You should decide how long you would like to keep the length of the hair. You should always measure the hair from starting at the centre of the forehead of the doll. Find an object to wrap your hair around it. This object should be sturdy and also it should be twice the size of your hair that you have chosen to knit the doll.

Take an erasable fabric marker and mark the place in the doll. The place should be where you are going to knit the hair of the doll. Starting from the forehead to the centre of the place in the back of the head of the doll where the knitting process will take place to fix the hair for the doll. Also, mark the seam. The seam is the place in the head where the front side and backside of the doll are knit. That seam might be visible if you are not knitting hair to the head of the doll. So be careful while choosing the places on the head of the doll to knit the yarn.