The Mysterious Nooks and Unexplored Waters of the Ring Selection

israeli jewelry

Traditional or non-traditional design, since the engagement ring is a symbol of your love, remember that this jewel is one of the things a woman will wear for the rest of her life. Wondering if she is fonder of traditional single diamond rings or if she is enchanted by the super modern design of pink gold with a green and pink stone? Believe that the market is flooded with interesting kinds of engagement rings in a diverse style. The use of israeli jewelry is perfect there.

Classic style

The tailor-made ring is the ring with a drop of originality that would match her view of the world. Gold engagement ring with one diamond in the form of a round diamond. The optimum number of cracks to keep the stone in place is equal to four, but do not be afraid to experiment in this area easily and choose three or six handles. Nothing spoils even a ring with three diamonds set horizontally in a row with a larger central stone. Your future wife will succumb to the classic symbolism of three: past, present and future.

israeli jewelry

Modern style

Modern engagement rings emerge from the design dogmas set by the past and celebrate minimalism and uniqueness. Engagement sets are gradually gaining popularity, forming a perfectly matched engagement and engagement ring. This idea is definitely worth considering if your dear is looking forward and not looking back. The distinctive and unusual approach to the rings is also the replacement of the traditional white diamond with colored varieties of this mineral, eventually with shining gemstones that will emphasize the woman’s personality and personality.

Vintage style

A real vintage ring is said to be over 100 years old, but don’t worry, you won’t have to go around the antique shop all over the country or inspect the dusty crates on the attic to find your grandmother’s family jewelry. Remember that you will get more vintage look with more shimmering diamonds and a thicker rim. Focus on popular designs in Victorian, Etruscan or Art Deco style: look for halo style engagement rings as smaller stones surround the central, nature-inspired rings dominated by floral engraving and a pungent setting. Art deco demands bright and exceptional colors, geometric shapes and rich decoration. Looking for a sophisticated and balanced ring with rubies, sapphires or emeralds? Victorian times were characterized by the popularity of grapes of diamonds, colored gems and large pearls surrounded by fine stones. The Etruscans reveled in thick gold rims decorated with the highest lace filigree.

In the style of celebrity

Fashion rings like a red carpet, radiating star tinsel and grace: such a piece can be subtle and classic, but for the most part it is unmistakable and courageous. Don’t worry. You are not talking about 10-carat diamonds that would save lifetime savings. Creativity should characterize the engagement ring. It is common to wear colorful diamonds or rubies and sapphires surrounded by small diamonds. Hit to black is pink gold.

Gold or platinum

Precious metal can express emotions and signal feelings for your loved one. Classic types or women with warm skin tone succumb to the beauty of yellow gold, which in its 14kt or 18kt form really engage the engagement rings. It really looks good with traditional clear diamonds and the most famous gemstones. Subtle and minimalist ladies might be frightened by its opulence, so try to focus on the neutral shade of white gold, which excels in both blue and red stones, as well as popular brilliants.