The Perfect Options with the Best Vert Training

vert shock review

Start with a height that allows you to land in the same position where you take off. This has a greater transfer to most sports. Later it incorporates higher platforms, landing in a deep squat position. The idea is to accustom the body to land in multiple positions and situations. The vert shock review gives you the best option there.

Counter Movement Jump

According to studies such as this, it is the best plyometric exercise to improve vertical jump. It is also used in many tests because, by immobilizing the arms, it isolates the power component of the lower body. When practicing it to improve your vertical jump you can also use the version with arms to generate more momentum.

Depth Jump

The depth jump was invented by coach and, according to many, is one of the weapons used by the Soviet bloc, in the Cold War, to master the tests that required explosiveness. Another of his secret weapons was steroid-free use, but let’s gets back to ours.

As we saw, one of the keys to the jump is the speed of the descent, which maximizes the accumulated elastic energy, the myotatic reflex and the activation of the nervous system.

vert shock review

Some keys to the exercise:

  • Do not jump from the platform. You should drop, with a slight angle forward.
  • Land with the tip of your feet, not with flat feet.

The contact time on the ground depends on the objective, but in general, it should be the minimum possible that allows you to absorb the fall well and maximize the transfer of elastic energy to the new jump. You can simply perform a vertical jump or a forward jump, for example on another platform or overcome an obstacle.

Start with low platforms 20-40 cm. Over time, add height, as long as more height allows you to jump higher. If not, you are not yet ready to absorb greater impact speed.

If you are a beginner, do not use this method. Gain strength and improve your jumping technique before. And if you are more advanced, do not abuse. It is enough with 8-12 jumps per session and no more than 2 weekly sessions. In the next installment, we will talk more about programming.

Unilateral Plyometric

To minimize possible muscle imbalances and improve stability also includes jumps to one leg, on both sides. They can be horizontal jumps, stairs, platform jump, jump rope, etc.

Plyometric without Impact

The previous plyometric have a direct transfer to the vertical jump, but they have a problem: your knees. High impact with high frequency can wear them out. To minimize problems, we propose to also include exercises that allow you to boost your explosive strength without loading your joints.

Swing With Kettlebell

Many ask about the origin of the training program. We put this name because during the time we were training exclusively with them we noticed a great improvement in many different areas: strength, endurance, flexibility, power.

After reviewing many studies, the evidence is surprising: generic kettlebell training produces similar effects on many physical qualities than specific workouts aimed at improving those qualities. This is what we call the kettlebell effect.

And again the kettlebell effect applied to the vertical jump is fulfilled. This study concludes that two weekly sessions of swings, during 6 weeks, produce improvements equivalent to those of a specific program based on jumps.