Types of garage door

Garage Door Repairs woodbridge

There are different types of garage doors and made up of different materials. There is a video choice for the people to choose garage doors according to their budget, colour choice, style. Following are the different types of Garage Door Repairs woodbridge which are popular.

Garage Door Repairs woodbridge

(Different types of the garage door)

  1. Steel Garage Doors: This is one of the most popular types of garage doors. Steel doors are good in finishing and there is a choice that you can paint any colour to your garage door matching to your home. There are endless designs in the steel garage door. Its cost is also cheaper in comparison to other types of garage doors. This door is insulated and it can be non-insulated also.
  2. Wood Garage Doors: Another type of garage door is made up of wood which is more popular and looks very elegant. The wood garage door is more expensive in comparison to other door materials and it requires high maintenance. But there are many categories of wood garage doors available that are low to high range. If you buy a low-price wooden door then it may break easily.
  3. Aluminum Frame Garage Door: This is another type of garage door. People like aluminium doors also. It is similar to steel garage doors but despite this, there are some differences. For example, aluminium is lighter in weight in comparison to steel door steel which is a heavy metal. Also aluminium is cheaper in price also so people who are looking for the less expensive door for them this is the best option. Which fulfil their needs as well as their budget also.
  4. Glass Garage Doors: Glass garage door is another type of door. But this type of glass garage door is not the choice of the majority of people because it is not durable and lasts long. So the majority of people like aluminium and wood garage doors because of their durability. Glass doors are not suitable in colder environments.
  5. Fiberglass Garage Doors: This is another type of garage door and very popular among people. Fiberglass’s main feature is that they are less in order of denting and cracking. They are of two layers and bonded with steel frames which make them more hardened and durable. Fiberglass type of garage door is rest-free. But they can break easily. The fiberglass door is very light in weight.
  6. Wood Composite Doors: The wood composite door is made up of steel and wood. They are moisture resistance doors. These doors can’t break, shrink or crack. These doors are insulated and one can paint them also in any colour matching with their home. They are not costly and one can easily buy them. These are durable as well as cheaper in rate also.

So, above are the main types of garage doors. There is a wide range of doors available for the garage. Lots of choices are there according to the colour, material, and cost-wise.