Types of Home care workeres in society

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In our modern life, many of the people are going to the jobs Husband and wife both of them doing the works and getting the good salary also So they cannot do the works in the home In the home has old aged people and small children living they cannot do any help for them so they are arranging the Care Homes In Solihull  the home care people doing all the works in the home

What are the types of works done by the home care people in the home?

Care Homes In Solihull

cleaning of the vessels cleaning of the house washing the clothes take care of the children preparing the foods gardening work watchman work take care of the pet animals

  • First, we will see the cleaning of the house some of them allotting separate person for this work The home care people clean the house every day morning and evening both time sweep the house and next using the mop and the antiseptic cleaner they will mop the floor twice in the week
  • The second one is cleaning the vessels every day 3 times cleaning the vessels using vim bar soap
  • The third one is washing the clothes it also allotting separate person they also called as dhobi they are washing the clothes and ironing the clothes also this persons doing his works daily
  • The fourth one is Gardening work surrounding their home more trees and plants are planted so they are allotting the separate person they are called as gardener their works is planting the water sweeping the garden daily they also cut the extra leaves and branches and they maintain the garden beautifully
  • The fifth one is watchman work for this works also allotting separate persons their works is 24 hours they will protect the home from stranger persons anybody new persons come means they will inquiry them and allow to the home so they are living in the outhouse with their family
  • The sixth one is preparing the food husband and wife both of them go to the jobs so they could not cook the food so they will be allotting the separate persons they are called cook they will prepare breakfast lunch and dinner including this juice items
  • snacks sweets they will prepare so the cook keeping the helpers also in homeowner like what type of the food they will prepare and give to them
  • The seventh one is take caring of their children some of the young women are take caring the children and they also help to study and doing the homework and activities works daily they will come and teach to the children and they go out their home some of the people teach the extracurricular activities like music dance keyboard likewise
  • The eighth one is taken care of the pet animals many rich people having pet animals like dog cat horse bird etc but in the middle-class people if they travel to someplace for few days their pet animals need food so they will call the pet care people for the amount per days
  • The ninth one is the driver the owner need the driver to travel from one place to another place the driver work is keeping the car clean and perfectly