Vedalken character and real description in Dungeons & Dragons

vedalken dnd names

Vedalken is an in the past maritime race that has completely changed (possibly purposefully) to life aground. Their time lowered gave them what could be seen as a crisp, authentic, and unnecessarily consistent point of view on life, but one that has exhibited benefits to them on a shallow level. Vedalken feels no uncommon association or bond with other vedalken, considering the to be’s understanding and ability as a threat to their own thriving. Thus, few vedalken-simply networks appear. vedalken dnd names are welcome in numerous metropolitan networks, regardless, on account of their capacity and drive for perfection.

Real Description

Vedalken is, in any case, blue-cleaned. This shade change inside the reach is never so light nor so faint as to look something other than blue. Vedalken folks are tall, someplace in the scope of 6 and 6 1/2 feet, but vedalken females are about comparable size as human women. Vedalken men weigh someplace in the scope of 175 to 250 pounds, while the women weigh fundamentally less, from 130 to 160 pounds. Neither one of the genders creates facial hair development, and sometimes do they foster any hair at all. In the exceptional circumstances where they have hair, it is white. They show up at advancement at 25 years of age and live to someplace in the scope of 100 and 150 years.


vedalken dnd names

Their dominating knowledge and broad stretches of isolation have made them inaccessible and certified, and they are not known for their ability to relate viably with others. Regardless of this, vedalken are welcomed, but not actually with extraordinary energy, in most human metropolitan networks in view of their ability, understanding, and dedicated disposition. The very attributes that drive most races from vedalken enamoured them to dwarves, who are likewise unapproachable and far away.

The course of action :

Their wise method to manage life and their obligation to data push vedalken toward Law, instead of Chaos. They have no commitment for extraordinary or underhanded, seeing little differentiation between the senseless interests related to the two plans.

Names :

As their language is unspeakable above land, their one of a kind names has been lost. They as of now take names from history and change sensible words from various lingos. They for the most part have one name, filling in as first and last. in case they have more names, they aren’t telling some other person. These names are taken when the vedalken shows up at their young people.

Test NAMES: Pontifex, Evoltus, Grammania, Luxor, Synod, Janus, Octavus, Arcturus

Racial Traits :

  • +2 Intelligence, +2 Constitution, – 2 Dexterity, – 2 Charisma: Vedalken are typically adroit and are vehemently built, yet their gathering tones them down and their pervasiveness makes it hard for them to coincide with others.
  • Humanoid: Vedalken are so far wiped out from their maritime beginning stages that they are finished everything with the exception of humanoids.
  • Medium: As Medium creatures, vedalken have no interesting prizes or disciplines due to their size.
  • Vedalken base land speed is 30 feet.
  • Vedalken may see all data capacities as class capacities. Also, they are equipped for an additional 2 skill centers for every level, as long as they are set in an information-based capacity.