YouTube vs YouTube Vanced

Youtube Vanced

Every phone has an advanced version likewise every app has an advanced version. An advanced version of YouTube is Youtube Vanced . This application contains lots of new features that are not in the official YouTube app. It’s not an official advanced version of YouTube but it is a modded android application. Most of the users like this app for two main purposes and that was a picture in picture mode features and background YouTube video playing. It attaches more users to install an application for their unique features only.

YouTube vanced is safe or not?

Most of the user thinks that the data was safe or not. User data is more privacy similar to official YouTube. Every user raises the question that why it is not available in the play store? The answer was the official YouTube owns by Google so that vanced is not available in the play store, users can download it from a website or another source. Millions of users trust YouTube vanced from worldwide. It’s a trustworthy and completely safe application to use.

Is it legal?

The next common question from the user is this app is legal or not. YouTube has some policy whether the video content gets in that policy then it is allowed otherwise it’s get rejected. YouTube vanced gets videos from the official YouTube app only so that it is completely legal to download and to use.

Working process

Vanced use API of official YouTube to renders all the UI of YouTube vanced. Example- vanced app is like a 5-star hotel where all the things are available. The only difference between them is the name. It named has YouTube vanced not named as a hotel. It is an updated version of the YouTube app. Users can customize according to their aspects.

Youtube Vanced

YouTube vanced vs YouTube

In YouTube vanced, users can play the music in the background also. Likewise, the video also runs in the background when the user minimizes the app. These features are not available on YouTube. Users can block the advertisement in YouTube vanced, not in official YouTube. On the side of the style, a dark theme is available in YouTube vanced and it contains black also. But these will not take place on YouTube. In YouTube, there will be limited resolution quality for videos but in YouTube vanced it has HDR mode also. Maximum resolution is available in YouTube vanced and it can fix it on all phones. Brightness and volume are not directly controlled by YouTube but in YouTube vanced, users can swipe the screen to control brightness and volume. There are some issues or bugs in YouTube vanced but it is not a big thing because every app has a bug or issue. Bugs in vanced will rectify in future releases. While enjoying the features in vanced at the same time user faces some issues also. If the user uses Chinese from then they will miss the PIP mode. So the user can disable the picture in picture mode in vanced.

If an application has 50 percent merits then it surely contains 50 demerits. Because everything in the world contains half good and half bad. There is no one is bigger than other all the things are in the same in level.