In the mechanical world full of pods

Airpods without case

The world will full of electrical cases and a lot of mechanical worlds. The world will just create new things that will be the most of the person’s best things about that. The company will make goods for the world and the people what they like to do that thing, and they love to create goods like mobile, Airpods without case , etc. To the people and then they do that thing for the company growth and be profitable to the best of all the system.

Airpods without case

During the old times 

In the older days, they use the headphone to hear music and to make their mind clean, and they are love to listen to the songs in their ear. The reason will be sure to listen to that make the heart peace of its. And be continua do that thing for the people. They make the world for the next level to love to buy that thing, and their products will be sold for large goods. And the creative scientist was decided to do those things for the people, and they do a lot of that gave the profit of those things. This is according to a period of older times.

Out for people 

Get those things for the people to be there for the machine for that and things. And thought is gone to do that. Their AirPods have holes in the headphone that do that they have the mini speaker in the headphone, so a lot of design in the headphone and then will be there for the inside the head. There will be one of all the things of it’s.

A lot to be say

And it can create a lot of mobiles there, like the iPhone, Android phone and etc. And there will be one of those things. There was the first mobile in the world as a motto to get their stuff of it’s. The mobile will be so long, and there will be a long tower like that at the top. They are building to connect those things to the other phones. To those things. To call them but in the older days to get little radiation for that thing. In the only for that in your city side of that. They get for all the people. That cost was high in those years, but now it is low when we saw this year. Popular in all the countries and they just buy those things for them, and they only supply those mobile to all the nations. Like that, there will be headphones after 2000 or something, they just create one wire headsets, and it will be famous, so they make that and to supply for thought the country of its. And they provide those goods to all the ones. And later it will be a wireless AirPods it’s just a cool one for all the people. They will get all the one of its. The people will continue using those AirPods system in real life. In 2020 nighty percentage of people using headphones in there reallyLife.