When to contact orthodontists

orthodontiste Lausanne

Orthodontist and dentist are the terms which are used interchangeably but there are some differences between the two. In spite of the similarities between the two professions, orthodontia is a specific type of dental care. There are some special kinds of dental problems that are dealt with by orthodontists.  A dentist Lausanne is easily available for treating the problem of teeth. Let us know some more things about orthodontiste Lausanne


The dentist is a doctor who deals with various parts of mouth like jaw gums, nerves, and teeth. He also implants dentaires Lausanne when needed. Dentists also act as hygiéniste dentaire Lausanne as they clean the teeth and remove all dirt.  Orthodontists are the ones who work with special diseases of the teeth. The main job of an orthodontist is to make the teeth straight. It can be said that all orthodontists are dentists but all dentists are not orthodontists.

orthodontiste Lausanne

Other jobs of an orthodontist include diagnosis of occlusions overbites, misaligned teeth, and jaw. If they find anything that is not correct, they try to make them correct. If these problems are not treated well, they can create big problems later. People can find clinique dentaire Lausanne over the internet and connect with orthodontists or dentists for their teeth related problems.

The job of an orthodontist

The special type of training is given to an orthodontist in whom he has to fix misaligned teeth. Most of the times, a dentist Lausanne refer the patients to an orthodontist when the alignment of the teeth is not correct. The orthodontist will suggest putting braces in the mouth to make the teeth straight.

They also check other problems related to teeth and mouth. If they find diastema, they will treat it. Diastema refers to gaps in between the teeth, which is filled by the orthodontist. He may also pull the teeth to fill the gap. If there are too many teeth as in the case of children, he takes some of the teeth out so that better spacing can be created.

Tools used by the orthodontist

There are many tools that an orthodontist uses to carry out diagnosis and treatment. One of the popular tools is braces, which are encircled around the teeth. Bond brackets are installed on the front teeth and bands are connected with the help of wires. The effect of this process is seen after some time.

If braces are not effective, another tool that orthodontists use is aligner. The aligner is not easily visible but braces are visible easily. The aligners are liked by the patients because of the reason. Another reason for the likeness is that the aligners can be removed and fixed again by the patients.

There are some extreme cases in which neither braces nor aligner work. In such a case palate expander is used. It creates more space for the teeth. Headgear is another tool which can be used for resolving the problem of misaligned teeth.

Training for orthodontist

An orthodontist first needs to go through the complete training of a dentist, which takes a period of four years. They do not study further and start cabinet dentaire Lausanne. If a dentist wants to become orthodontist rather than permanence dentaire La, he has to take more training, which takes another two to three years.

Wrapping up

An orthodontist is similar to the dentist but his main job is to align the teeth if the patients with different tools. The tools are used according to the severity of misalignment of the teeth. He has to get more training in comparison to dentists.