Makeup and acne: beware of too covering textures

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The more you want to camouflage, the more you tend to turn to cover products. However, there is another way to hide your pimples without abusing the dose of the product: “You have to play on colorimetry. We recommend applying a green or yellow base, these are two colors that neutralize the redness of pimples. the first step will allow us to opt for a more liquid foundation, with medium coverage”. Among the make up tips these are the things we can do now.

To arrange the foundation evenly, Manon Poivre recommends using a brush, because it will not allow the colored bases previously applied to move. “It is also a much simpler accessory to clean. You can open it and check if there is material left. While with the beauty-blender, you wash it, but you just have to leave it lying around wet the house and all the bacteria come to cling “, informs Manon Poivre.

A piece of advice to take seriously when you know that these bacteria can proliferate blackheads.

Make Up for the Acne Skin

After applying your foundation, you come to target the irregular areas: “We are looking for coverage with concealer. Opt for a fine texture, in order to avoid overlapping layers. We do not want to highlight what we want to camouflage, ” advises our make-up coach.

make up tips

Tips for not shining during the day

Very often, acne or oily skin tends to powder in abundance to ensure an extreme hold throughout the day. But Manon Poivre wants to break this preconceived idea: “Abusing the powder will dry the skin. Then it will protect itself by creating sebum, and your face will shine much faster. The idea is to fix with transparent powder and light, and finish with a fixing spray “. If however shine appears during the day, instead of adding your powder, Manon Poivre advises bringing a handkerchief and tap lightly.

Makeup and acne: no, makeup does not worsen blackheads

“If you stopped putting on makeup, it would be good for your skin”; “Take a break from makeup, I’m sure you won’t have any more pimples”, “You put so much on your face”. What acne-prone skin has never heard this type of sentence? Rest assured, makeup does not worsen the appearance of your skin, on one essential condition: “The whole thing is to remove make-up perfectly. For this, we opt for a cleansing oil, intended for your skin type”, says Manon Poivre. “You rinse thoroughly and then wash your face with a suitable cleanser,” she continues.

Our make-up coach specifies that “the only reasons that can damage your skin are the following: if you are allergic to the product, if it is of poor quality or if it is not suitable for your skin”. We do not forget to continue with our skincare routine for healthy skin.

Discover the tips for successful make-up and make-up like a pro

Make-up like a make-up professional is easy. Obviously, you must have the method to successfully make up your face, eyes or lips. For work, an evening or a special ceremony, each woman can make her own make-up without calling on a professional makeup artist.