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where is digifinex located

The word digifinex meant a leading trading program of digital benefits that offers the services of trading over 300 – 400 bitcoins which is also known as micropayments, block coin,  lite coin, and also as cryptocurrencies.

Digifinex is an exchange of bitcoin which is headquartered at Singapore. In the presence of crossing Asia makes them prefer trading about 2 billion and millions of users around the world.  The following paragraph involves the where is digifinex located and its types of digifinex investments.

Bit coin types

where is digifinex located

There are seven most types of cryptocurrency or bitcoins exchange prevailing in the country they are

  • Binance
  • OKEx
  • Huobi
  • BitMEX
  • Gemini
  • Coin base
  • Kraken
  • Coin base

At first, we can say about the coin base it is the foremost starter of exchange in a friendly manner. It was started in the country of San Francisco to earn the status of the unicorn for bitcoins. In the year of 2012. Coin base has a wallet purchase that is available on iPhone and in Android versions on mobile. Additionally, the coin base is added with a company such as an overstock, Dish network corporation and as well as Expedia which is shortly abbreviated as EXPE.


Next to that is Binance, which is of largest in the world for trading purposes in the market side able areas. This binance has much-attracted humans more for a good reason which is to earn around five hundred dollars per day. This Binance has a very minimum supervision


BitMEX which is abbreviated as Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange. As BitMEX cannot sell in a large amount of exchanging bitcoins as so they sell shortly to the traders and some of the margin traders based on BitMEX


OKEx is a   native of Hong Kong, which the people have chosen as a larger way as they had invested a large number of bitcoins. The BitMEX and OKEx as they don’t get support on the country of the US due to the issues.


Kraken is started in the year of 2011, which is an exchange of the largest in the country of Euro. There are different kinds of trading

  • The first is, it has high liquidity
  • The second is to have different types of top bitcoins which include ripple.


Houbi invented in the country of China which is not present for the United States of America shareholder they have a larger product of 248 coins which is tradable. These currencies are also exchanged to traded fund as named as HB10.


Gemini which also says last but not least, its exchange is based on the country of New York.  Which is depends on the department of financial services. It also provides insurance on payable method cash.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most advantages of digifinex includes more than 100 bitcoins which can be traded actively, trading OTC and rewards on trading.  The precautious disadvantages are that more on strategies of global activity. Where others of bitcoins companies just target only on the domestic markets they have the much more translational version of the google like websites as they are not to get attractive more on to other countries people like foreigners. These are the more advantages and disadvantages of the digifinex of bitcoins or cryptocurrencies exchange companies.