Spend Your Life in Nature’s Bed Away from Hustle City Life

Forett at Bukit Timah

Bukit Timah is a lovely district that creates a good environment for the people. This place is filled up with every good aspect of living such as privacy, greenery, and premium privilege. Bukit Timah is the only place in Singapore that can offer you the best facilities for every people. This residential area has a community building that can be reached within walking for some minutes from the main block of Bukit Timah. The community building offers various activities for the people. The people can enjoy hawking in a better way as they have specially re-created the place for hawking. Forett Condo and find it.

Cool Atmosphere:


The community hub has a large sports place in which people can enjoy indoor games. The residence area may have various kinds of people and they can get the chance of playing games and relaxing with their neighbours. This will help to develop a good community system among the people of Bukit Timah. This community hub has a library with a soothing atmosphere which can help the people to enrich their knowledge. The community building acts as a great tool to bind the people through various activities.

Bukit Timah has a special integrated hub for transport. This transport hub helps people to reach their destination very sooner as it provides connections between the MRT stations and all the commercial places. This facility helps people to enjoy better commutation across various spots. The Bukit Timah has some other interesting spots which will provide you with great opportunity to spend your free time in a pleasant atmosphere. There are some of the people who will have hectic works and they try to find relaxation in nature and other places. These people can select places such as a green corridor. This corridor is 11 kilometres and people can spend their evening time in a free relaxing way with pleasant walking. People can admire the nature and have a great time along with the inner self of a person.

There are some other places like shopping malls, food shops, and national gardens. The people can enjoy their holidays in shopping as there are various malls available near the residential area. Some people are very fond of shopping and they can enjoy these malls as there are various stores inside the malls. One can get any material from the mall without taking much effort into surrounding various other shops. Everything will be available under a single roof and people can enjoy their shopping without any long travels. There are lots of food shops available near the residence with varieties of cuisines. Some people wish to try mixed cuisines and they can reach these hotels and have delicious foods.

The people can have access to better education from the residence area itself. Various excellent schools are available in the residential area itself which offers high-quality education. People can make use of these wonderful features and enhance their living experience. The Bukit Timah has turned an adorable place for more people who wish to spend their lives in the nature surrounding environment. People can have a better life away from the hustle-bustle of the busy city life.