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Surely, if you are reading this, it is because you are finding out everything you can about building your house. You have weighted things like costs, deadlines, payments, materials and more. But have you considered the risks? Every day we buy things, automatically, without even thinking about it, and that’s fine, because the risk, if not zero, is minimal. When the risk is higher, however, we spend more time and resources to inform ourselves. Go for the ibuiltmyhome website there now.

In the case of repeated purchases, our perceived risk is lower, since if the first time something does not go as expected, there are still other opportunities to amend the damages. But what happens in the case of a house? Probably throughout your life you do one, two at most. There is no chance to try and fail. It has to go well the first time. Let’s think about the car, for example. The cars are produced in series, on an assembly line. The first that occurs accuses all possible defects and failures, so that the successive ones are already corrected at the factory. They all come out tested. Except that it is a closed typology, a house, on the other hand, is built only once and never again. There is no benefit of accumulated experience. Hence, the risks are greater, and therefore it is so important to have criteria to choose the company that is in charge of construction.

Prices that do not represent the real costs and that end up being excessively expensive, abandonment of tasks, advances delivered without the work even starting, execution with materials of less than the agreed quality, functional and structural defects, are just some of the things that we see more often in meetings.

It is sad to see someone’s dreams broken by the omissions and shortcomings of a third party. What then to do to eliminate the risks? How do you know if the company you are dealing with is serious, responsible and compliant? Below we list things you can take into account when hiring.

Guarantee of Institutions:

Each industry has a set of agencies, chambers, institutions and entities, which represent the actors involved, and which fulfill different functions. The endorsement of any of these institutions may be a sign of the company’s track record and integrity. The Institute of Dry Construction has a directory of dry construction companies. Each company is submitted to a scrutiny to be listed in the directory, and must pass it successfully. Our company has been validated and is listed in the directory:

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Between any construction company and its materials supplier there is a relationship that goes beyond the commercial. In an industry like construction, where new companies continually appear, it is the suppliers, who see them born, grow and die. They witness good and bad moments, successes and failures.

Request an invoice

If you have works carried out and do not request an invoice, this is considered undeclared work. It is often a must for some premiums or tax credits. An invoice provides you with an overview of the work performed. When it comes to large amounts, most contractors work with interim invoices.

It’s great to check credentials, check references, and visit model homes, but just because everything looks good on paper doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for you. You need to feel comfortable with the builder. You must be able to ask questions freely and receive satisfactory answers.